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JA-Radio specializes in buying, selling and repairs. We have 40 years of experience in the industry.

The business at Howitzvej 71 opened 42 years ago. Since its opening in 1976, JA-Radio has repaired and sold used HI-FI equipment. In connection with the store's 40th anniversary, JA-Radio opened an extension of the business.

  • Top quality products
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  • 5-days money back guarantee

Opening Hours

Servicecenter, Howitzvej 71 tv.

Monday-thursday:              10.00 - 17.30
Friday:                                    10.00 - 18.00
Saturday:                                        Closed
Sunday and public holidays:     Closed

HI-FI department, Howitzvej 71 th.

Monday:                                     Contact the Workshop   
Tuesday-Wednesday:             Contact the Workshop
Thursday:                                   Contact the Workshop      
Friday:                                         Contact the Workshop   
Saturday:                                       Closed
Sunday and public holidays:    Closed

Our team


about us...

Our team consists of Jesper, the director of the company and right-hand man Klaus. Jesper started the business on October 1, 1976 and was one man until Klaus came to the store 20 years after. In 2016 the business had its 40th anniversary. JA-radio is one of the few repair shops left in the country.

Tel: +45 38 88 17 64

Mail: info@ja-radio.dk

People's opinion about us 

"Handed a pair of electrostatic speakers for repair. JA radio quickly found the problem and ordered the components home. A week later my speakers as good as new. Highly recommend JA radio, if you must have Hi-Fi for repair - they know their stuff! "

Jonathan Andersen - Trustpilot

"when you get a top service in good quality, then you should also remember to review. Therefore, we want to give JA- Radio top marks, now that we finally can sit and listen to our vintage B&O turntable where it all just running. Thanks a lot for us. "

Lára Guðnadóttir - Trustpilot


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