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JA-Radio have some of the best and coolest second hand hifi gear in DK. Check the shop - or come down to the store on Frederiksberg and look for yourself.

Our range is greatest on integrated amplifiers from the period 1979 - 1999. The period of how many iconic models were created. And before the Japanese producers sold their soul to surround sound.
We also have a nice selection of 1970's receivers, beautiful trunk cabinets, and impressive big FM displays in sapphire blue and emerald green shades. We have a smaller selection of CD players, so often we can sell you a whole hi-fi set that fits in price and quality. Gramophone sells awesome, and so strong that we almost can not keep up with. Call JA-Radio and consult our current committee. Speakers are also included in the assortment. From large floor speakers to smaller stand models, and from the most reputable brands. In addition, we have a selection of real rarities, such as reel recorders, tube amplifiers and radios from when Grandpa was young. Good to feel the real thing, and not far eastern retro productions.

Opening hours to the workshop: Howitzvej 71, tv. 2000 Frederiksberg
Monday-Thursday: 10:00 - 17:30
Friday: 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday / Sunday / Holidays: Closed

Opening hours to the HI-FI department: Howitzvej 71, th. 2000 Frederiksberg
Monday-Friday: reference at the workshop in No. 71, tv.
Saturday / Sunday / Holidays: Closed

Tel: +45 38 88 17 64
Mail: info@ja-radio.dk


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